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Study for a New Career You Could Love

How many hours have you been at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Think of how much time you have spent staring at the clock, listening to managers who do not care about your progress, living the same routine that you have never actually enjoyed. That's all time you could have used to train for a career you could love. Fortunately, every day is a chance to start on a new path. All of us here at East West College of Natural Medicine are here to help you live out your full potential and find the career you have been seeking.

New Year's Resolution 2019

Do you have a New Year's resolution? With 2019 only a few days away, now is a great time to consider what improvements could be made to your professional life. Whether you are looking to switch careers or advance in your current field, East West College of Natural Medicine is ready to assist you. Here's how a career resolution could help you this year:

Graduate Highlight - Allison Kramp

Allison Kramp, December 2018 graduate, says “I chose East West College because I wanted a very good education of East and Western medicine and I believe I got that here and I’ve had the most wonderful time.”

According to Time magazine, “A new federal report reveals that Americans spend about $30 billion a year on complementary health approaches, from ginkgo biloba to yoga.

Graduate Highlight: Rene Ng

You can take the individual out of Chinese medicine, but you cannot take the passion of Chinese medicine out of the individual. Not everyone starts their desired career path immediately; but, when the dream is sincere, it has a way of beckoning one back to it. Rene Ng (AP, L.Ac) learned this lesson first-hand.

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Kari Koslosky, Acupuncture Physician

As a child, Dr. Koslosky was no stranger to a doctor’s office. Overcoming personal health difficulties, she always had an interest in “home remedies”. She knew she was destined to be in healthcare. Along the way, she warmly recalls a special mentor in her life saying “do what makes you happy”. She never understood the full meaning of this, until now.

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Lynn McPhearson, DOM, AP

The Drive of an Airman: Story of Dr. Lynn McPhearson, Acupuncture Physician
"I have patience and experience; a man can do anything if he has those two things."
Dr. Lynn McPhearson quotes a line from Captain America: Civil War, as he delivers the graduation speech as his class representative. He reminds them that with patience and experience his graduating class can have endless possibilities and it was that quote that resonated with him as he looked back on his journey of becoming a holistic physician.