Struggling to stand by your New Year's resolution

Struggling to stand by your New Year's resolution
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On January 21, 2019
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Struggling to stand by your New Year's resolution? If you are serious about completing a new career program this year, you could make that goal feel more manageable by breaking it down into smaller, shorter steps. The following tips could help as you start your journey toward a new profession:
1. Think about why you want to succeed: Write down the names of all the ill relatives and friends who you could help if you had medical knowledge combining Eastern and Western medicine. Make a picture board of houses you would buy for your family if you had a higher salary. Whatever your reason for changing careers, keep this with you so you do not lose sight of the goal.
2. Meet with financial aid: Concentrating on your academics could be easier if you have already made a financial plan. Our staff could guide you in how to pay for school and show you aid options if you qualify. Start by getting together your W-2's and calling for an appointment with our admissions team.
4. Network: Make friends within your program so you can support one another in achieving your goals. Better yet, share your plans with those close to you so that even outside of school, you will find encouragement. You might even inspire a friend to join you in class.
5. Mark everything on a calendar: A forty-month program may feel long right now, so take everything one day at a time. Jot down any upcoming appointments and class times so you can tackle the program step by step.
Let this be the year you finally follow through with your plan. Whatever your career goal, please talk to us today at East West College of Natural Medicine to find your career passion. Call 800-883-5523 or submit our Request Information form to learn more.