DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On March 19, 2019
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Mindfulness. It's a pretty straightforward concept. Your mind is focused on the present task without allowing distractions to impede your progress. All too often, we veer from the matter at hand. Once your mind has taken flight, you could become engrossed in obsessive thoughts over an event that just happened or may take place in the future. It is this anxiety that prevents us from enacting positive change in our lives.
If you focused on the present, would that help you decide to start school? If you are not happy in your current job, mindfulness could help. Don't allow your mind to wander to the math class you had to repeat in high school. Dwelling on past mistakes only hinders your progress toward a better tomorrow. Instead, think about the positive impact that continuing your education could have on your life. Be mindful of the new career you could have doing what you actually enjoy. Envision the role model you could be for your children by working and attending school.
Take advantage of the moment with a positive mindset. If that includes attending school to change your career, please call our admissions department. We are here to answer your questions so you can spend less time worrying and more time being mindful of your career goal. During your first few weeks in class, our staff will check in on you and help you get started. You will be free to visit them anytime, so you never have to feel alone in your career journey. Call 800.883.5528 or submit our Request Information form today to learn more.