Graduate Highlight: Rene Ng

Graduate Highlight: Rene Ng
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On September 17, 2018
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You can take the individual out of Chinese medicine, but you cannot take the passion of Chinese medicine out of the individual. Not everyone starts their desired career path immediately; but, when the dream is sincere, it has a way of beckoning one back to it. Rene Ng (AP, L.Ac) learned this lesson first-hand.
Born and raised in Macau, China, Rene began learning Chinese medicine from his parents as a child. He experienced the results at age fourteen after being injured in a soccer game. Rene had severely injured his right ulna and radius bones attempting to break his fall. A Chinese doctor promptly worked on his arm and set the broken bones. For the next thirty days, the doctor used Chinese Dit Da trauma massage, herbal patches, and special fish soups to straighten and heal the bones. An x-ray taken at the end of the treatment period showed no signs of the break. Rene decided then that Chinese medicine would be his future career.
However, his parents did not agree. Chinese medicine was still considered “folk medicine” and not a lucrative career. Instead, Rene pursued the technology industry. For thirty years, he led a very successful career developing business software and managing technology organizations. Rene took on executive and senior leadership roles in corporations such as e*Trade, Dun and Bradstreet Software, Oracle, and COMSAT. He also became the director of information technology for the Catholic dioceses of Venice and San Diego and co-owned a healthcare software company while living in San Diego.
Following the dot com bubble burst in the early 2000's, Rene realized it was finally time to follow his lifelong dream. He attended the acupuncture program at Pacific College in San Diego and graduated from the Master's program in Oriental medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine in 2007. He then returned to San Diego to establish a Chinese medicine program at a cancer center. He also began working with autoimmune disorders, as his wife was diagnosed with MS in 2005. Her health has improved greatly since then, and she was even able to run the Disney marathon within six hours.
Rene founded the Chinese Medical Solutions Acupuncture and Healing Center in downtown Sarasota and continues to practice today. He passed the California Acupuncture Board exam in 2009 and is board-certified by the World Association of Tung Acupuncture. Four-time winner of Sarasota's “Favorite Acupuncture Physician” award, Rene has been featured on FOX News, the Doctor Oz show, and many other programs. He enjoys giving lectures on food therapy, exercises, and diseases, believing that learning is a lifelong process.
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