Graduate Highlight: Dr. Lynn McPhearson, DOM, AP

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Lynn McPhearson, DOM, AP
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On August 16, 2018
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The Drive of an Airman: Story of Dr. Lynn McPhearson, Acupuncture Physician
"I have patience and experience; a man can do anything if he has those two things."
Dr. Lynn McPhearson quotes a line from Captain America: Civil War, as he delivers the graduation speech as his class representative. He reminds them that with patience and experience his graduating class can have endless possibilities and it was that quote that resonated with him as he looked back on his journey of becoming a holistic physician.
Dr. Lynn McPherson initially started his journey at the University of South Florida pursuing his degree in computer engineering but realizing he had a stronger passion for medicine. He wanted a medicine that focused on a prevention, lifestyle and that would allow him to bridge his academia into an advanced medical degree. He decided to change his major and graduated with a B.S in Exercise Physiology, but due to an unforeseen increase in competitive GPA admission, Dr. McPherson was unable to apply for graduate-level medical degrees.  Dr. McPhearson realized that he would need to be patient and find a way to gain experience while he created a plan to get back on the path of becoming a physician.
Upon further research, Dr. McPhearson realized that the United States Air Force reserves provided excellent opportunities to progress himself as a leader, gain valuable medical experience, and become part of something higher than himself.  Dr. McPhearson graduated from Basic Military Training and an accelerated Aerospace Medical Technician program with honors in 2012, during his time of residency he witnessed, what he felt, was lack of genuine medical care.  Due to the nature of the western medical environment, it was more of a quantity over quality in which members would have minimal contact with the actual physician due to the stress that is placed upon physicians to provide as much care as fast as they can.  Dr. McPhearson realized that this was not the ideal environment he wanted. After returning to civilian status, he began to research local holistic medical schools and was recommended to East West College of Natural Medicine. He fell in love with the school and enrolled immediately under Class 47 in September 2013.
Three and a half years later, Dr. McPhearson graduated with a Masters in Oriental Medicine with a 3.94 GPA, graduated from a 150-hour medical program at the Shaolin Temple in China, graduated with his A.S. in Practical Nursing Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, completed all four medical license boards before graduating, and was medically licensed seven days after walking the stage. He currently has his medical practice and was accepted into a medical doctorate program. Dr. McPhearson has completed an additional 300+ hours of continuing education in Sports Medicine, Electro-Acupuncture and other fields.
“I continuously study and push myself to become a better physician and provide optimal care for my patients.”
East West College of Natural Medicine
Graduate: Dr. Lynn McPhearson, DOM, AP
Graduation Date: 2016