Graduate Highlight: Dr. Kari Koslosky, Acupuncture Physician

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Kari Koslosky, Acupuncture Physician
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On September 04, 2018
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As a child, Dr. Koslosky was no stranger to a doctor’s office. Overcoming personal health difficulties, she always had an interest in “home remedies”. She knew she was destined to be in healthcare. Along the way, she warmly recalls a special mentor in her life saying “do what makes you happy”. She never understood the full meaning of this, until now.
After a 15-year career in Dental Hygiene, Dr. Koslosky went on to pursue Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She was inspired to change careers, after receiving acupuncture, along with Chinese medicinal formulas. The compassionate care she received, which changed how she felt, and consequently changed her life, led her on an educational endeavor, which finally fulfilled a void she’d long searched for.
With each turn in her journey, she was enlightened and enriched by what she was learning.  A balanced mind, body, and soul was no longer a “saying”, but could actually be assessed. The vast and intricate body of knowledge and skill she acquired by experienced practitioners and fellow students are invaluable. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from East West College of Natural Medicine with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and concurrent Bachelor of Professional Health Sciences. She received the Founder’s Award for her commitment and academic excellence. She continues her love of learning by currently pursuing a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree, at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, in an effort to better educate her patients, as well as integrate East and West practices.
Growing up, she discovered that many of her loved ones were on lists of medications, yet still felt unwell. She recalls her grandmother, Helen, always having doctor’s appointments and taking medications. While her life was saved many times by the amazing Western Medicine, she always wondered what more could have been done from a natural and preventive wellness plan. Helena Health LLC was inspired by her grandmother and started as a place for those to have hope and to improve their quality of life. She is living out her dream of running her own health clinic and helping others live healthier lives.
Dr. Koslosky, an Acupuncture Physician in Jacksonville, Florida, is passionately doing what makes her happy.
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Graduate: Kari Koslosky
Graduation Date: August 13, 2017