Do You Light Up When Asked About Your Job?

Do You Light Up When Asked About Your Job?
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On January 28, 2019
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My dad has been in the hospital for over a week. After seeing how passionate hospital staff are about giving care, I now have a deeper appreciation for anyone in the medical field. Let me tell you about just a few.
Evelyn: Her mother was in the medical field working with the elderly. As a young girl, Evelyn would go to work with her mother to help. She developed a heartfelt love for the patients. She loved listening to their stories and learning from them, so much so that she chose this career for herself when she grew up. She is also passionate about her religion and believes God is allowing her to to do his work through her.
Angelea: Her family is from Jamaica. She believes medical care is much better in the US, which is why she came here to study. Since she can't convince her dad to move here, she visits five or six times a year and discusses his health over the phone with him. Angelea knows she has saved his life by being able to identify his health issues. She is also aware of the impact she has on so many people. She loves knowing what she does every single day makes the world a better place.

Mary: When she gets home, her husband always says, “Why don't you sit down? You have been taking care of people all day. Aren't you tired?” Mary said she smiles and replies, “Honey, I'm making dinner. I love being needed and appreciated. I love taking care of you just like I love taking care of my patients.”

When someone asks about your profession, do you light up and share all the details? If not, isn't it time for you to train for a career you love? Come in and talk to our admissions staff. They don't just sign you up for classes. They ask you questions to help you decide if this is the right career  for you.

Are you already in a career you love? If you are a graduate from our school, call career services. We would love to share your story. If you did not graduate from our school but want to motivate others, please email