Career Tryout Event

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 10:00am

Wednesday, 10AM-12PM or 5PM-7PM
Have you been thinking “Is the Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine program right for me?” Check out what we call a career tryout event. This is an original idea based on what YOU want.
Instead of “reading” about the jobs you could do, come in and “experience” them with our hands-on approach.
We try to explain these programs, but words (and even videos) don’t do it justice. We think once you are here and EXPERIENCE it (hands-on), you may say:
“Unbelievable! This is the kind-of work I could be excited to do every day.”
“This is really challenging. Now I really understand the program and it is the program for me.”
We can set you up with a career tryout, so call us today, tell us what time is right for you to experience our program.*
Come to our Career Tryout Event!
Simply email with your phone number and we will get this set up for you ahead of time!
We look forward to meeting with you! We’re ready for you! Are you ready to start?
*Of course, we would NEVER allow you to put yourself or someone else in danger. For example, teaching you to do acupuncture requires training that cannot be accomplished in an hour, but we have plenty of other duties you can experience!