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How many people do you see on an average day? Try to count all of the drivers and pedestrians on the roads, customers in the grocery store, and parents picking their kids up from school. The number could be so overwhelming that the people become a sea of faces rather than individuals with names. When you look at some schools and see thousands of students walking across campus, you might feel that you would be just a number there, too.

MSOM Graduate Highlight - Tamarra Geno

Are you ready to make a positive impact on your community's health? At East West College of Natural Medicine, we believe in blending techniques from both Eastern and Western medicine to treat patients effectively. Whether you plan to start your own clinic or are simply interested in studying all that natural medicine could offer, we are here to assist you. Recent graduate Tamarra Geno is one of our many caring alumni who is ready to put her knowledge to good use. 

An Alternative to Opioids for Neck Pain

Written by: Brandon Fuller, A.P.
Many Americans spend the majority of their life in pain, as we have seen in our daily news. The tops headlines generally read “Opioid epidemic” or “Pain medication,” which in turn are having many individuals questioning their conventional treatments to pain. Alternatives such as Acupuncture are now becoming the mainstream for pain management and reduction. Even Hospitals are adopting a non-pharmacological approach as the first option. One of the most common forms of pain is neck, upper back, and shoulder pain.