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The importance of Magnesium

Dr. Jenna Peterson, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine instructor at EWCNM, shares the importance of magnesium in your diet.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about enrolling in our program to become a natural healer, or if you would like to visit our clinic or herbal pharmacy.

National Financial Aid Day - October 16

National Financial Aid Day, October 16, 2019 recognizes the contribution of all financial aid staff who help students realize their college dreams. 

FAFSA forms are not easy to comprehend, which is why our school has financial aid staff dedicated to assisting students complete these and other financial forms.  Do you need assistance seeing if you qualify for FAFSA, grants, scholarships, military options or other tuition assistance? Contact our admissions department, who will arrange an appointment for you to personally meet with a member of our financial aid team.

Graduate Highlight - Dr. Shin Fukuda

“I want to be an athletic trainer for a professional baseball team.” This was the goal Dr. Shin Fukuda, AP, set for himself at age eighteen. Although the path to this career seemed challenging and the destination far away, Dr. Fukuda was relentless in the pursuit of his dream. He attended East West College of Natural Medicine and became a Licensed Acupuncture Physician. Today, he is a full-time athletic trainer for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Acupuncture Is More Popular Than Ever

Acupuncture Is More Popular Than Ever—Here Are 4 Proven Benefits to Know About – by Claudia Fisher, August 13, 2019

Our Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program includes a comprehensive curriculum which includes acupuncture with point location.  Our students are prepared to take the national board exams which can lead to becoming an Acupuncture Physician.

It’s Time to Become Part of the Growing Integrative Health Care Industry.

It’s time to become part of the growing integrative health care industry.  Whether you are a nurse looking to expand upon your Western medical training, a massage therapist wanting to provide clients with the benefits of acupuncture or someone who has experienced the healing of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s time to pursue your Master’s in Oriental Medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM).

What if healthcare providers cared about you like family instead of viewing you as just another patient

What if healthcare providers cared about you like family instead of viewing you as just another patient? If you grow anxious at the thought of going to the doctor's office, all of us here at East West College of Natural Medicine's Student Clinic are here to help. Our student interns, supervised by highly skilled acupuncture physicians, provide treatments for many ailments using both Oriental healing techniques and modern Western medicine practices. "Miss Nellie" is one of many regular patients who has found comfort here at our clinic.

Unsure if acupuncture is still relevant?

Are you unsure if acupuncture is still relevant given recent advancements in healthcare? Our school has focused on Eastern medicine for the past twenty-five years because we see the benefits in natural healing. However, we are pleased that more and more medical institutions are incorporating Eastern procedures such as acupuncture into their practices. The following excerpt from the University of California, San Diego's website highlights the importance of acupuncture in modern medicine: