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Graduate Highlight: Rene Ng

You can take the individual out of Chinese medicine, but you cannot take the passion of Chinese medicine out of the individual. Not everyone starts their desired career path immediately; but, when the dream is sincere, it has a way of beckoning one back to it. Rene Ng (AP, L.Ac) learned this lesson first-hand.

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Kari Koslosky, Acupuncture Physician

As a child, Dr. Koslosky was no stranger to a doctor’s office. Overcoming personal health difficulties, she always had an interest in “home remedies”. She knew she was destined to be in healthcare. Along the way, she warmly recalls a special mentor in her life saying “do what makes you happy”. She never understood the full meaning of this, until now.

Graduate Highlight: Dr. Lynn McPhearson, DOM, AP

The Drive of an Airman: Story of Dr. Lynn McPhearson, Acupuncture Physician
"I have patience and experience; a man can do anything if he has those two things."
Dr. Lynn McPhearson quotes a line from Captain America: Civil War, as he delivers the graduation speech as his class representative. He reminds them that with patience and experience his graduating class can have endless possibilities and it was that quote that resonated with him as he looked back on his journey of becoming a holistic physician.

MSOM Instructor Highlight: Dr. Jessica Fritz, MAOM, DCOM (c), AP

We know how serious you are about studying natural medicine. That's why the instructors at East West College of Natural Medicine work tirelessly to prepare you for your future career. When it comes to being passionate about their work, instructors like Dr. Jessica Fritz truly shine.  
Question:  When and where did you develop a passion for Chinese medicine?

Dr. John Orsborn, Instructor Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Ready to see the best of both worlds? If you would rather tackle a disease's roots rather than treat the symptoms, consider studying both Eastern and Western medicine. East West College of Natural Medicine offers a master of science degree in oriental medicine that can help you on this path. Our school is home to many knowledgeable instructors who care about your success, such as Dr. John Orsborn.