MSOM Instructor Highlight: Dr. Jessica Fritz, MAOM, DCOM (c), AP

MSOM Instructor Highlight: Dr. Jessica Fritz, MAOM, DCOM (c), AP
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We know how serious you are about studying natural medicine. That's why the instructors at East West College of Natural Medicine work tirelessly to prepare you for your future career. When it comes to being passionate about their work, instructors like Dr. Jessica Fritz truly shine.  
Question:  When and where did you develop a passion for Chinese medicine?

Answer:  As a child my father worked in China and I regularly visited the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. I became fascinated with Chinese culture, language and arts.  In college I studied Mandarin and lived in Beijing for three years where I studied at the Beijing Language and Culture University taking classes in Mandarin, Tai Chi and traditional medicine.  After returning home from China, I obtained a Master’s degree in qualitative research and worked for several years in women’s health-related non-profit organizations before coming to the realization that I wanted to combine my love and knowledge of China with the action of helping people to heal on an individual level. I then attended and graduated from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2005.  After thirteen years of clinical practice I decided to turn to teaching Chinese Medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine.  I associate finding my life’s passion with my interests as a child and the wonder and grace of Chinese medicine’s approach to life, health and wellness.    

Question:  How would you describe your teaching style? 

Answer:  I am a curious person by nature and have an innate love of learning. Chinese medicine is an amazing subject to teach because it has enormous body of classical literature as well as a multitude of methods, on-going studies, schools of thought and more.  I would describe my teaching style as an evolving hybrid of authority, demonstrator and facilitator.   I enjoy giving lectures and sharing the nuances of Chinese medicine and theories. I also like to show students what they need to know and have clear expectations of the topics I cover by adding multimedia presentations activities and demonstrations during class. There is also a need to promote discussion and self-learning for students to help them develop critical thinking and the deductive reasoning that is necessary for treating patients effectively.
I approach teaching in the same way I approach treating a patient. I individualize treatments for the best impact on that patient’s needs. I may use different theories, techniques, herbs and other tools for each person I am treating.  I believe that if I treated every patient the exact same way I would not be able to give them the best results. Likewise, in the classroom, sometimes it is important to lay out a clear and concise lecture, sometimes discussion flows, at other times case studies may bring to life complex theories through real life scenarios. An integrative approach to learning and teaching has been the cornerstone of my educational experience, and I enjoy sharing my passion for learning and studying Chinese medicine with the student at East West College of Natural Medicine.      

Dr. Fritz is always eager to share her love for Chinese medicine! To schedule an appointment with her, please call 800.883.5528 or submit our Request Information form. Natural medicine involves tailoring treatments to each patient, so why shouldn't your education be designed based on how you learn best? Come see for yourself why so many passionate instructors and students call East West College of Natural Medicine their home.