Instructor Highlight: Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Dr. John Shu

Instructor Highlight: Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Dr. John Shu
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On April 19, 2018
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Ready to explore the possibilities? Here at East West College of Natural Medicine, we take pride in showing students many approaches to treating patients' ailments. You can earn your master of science degree in oriental medicine from exceptional, dedicated instructors such as Dr. John Hsu. 
It is no exaggeration that Dr. Hsu has fully dedicated his life to Traditional Chinese Medicine. He discovered his passion for the field during his internship, where he saw the benefits of TCM first-hand. Dr. Hsu earned his masters and doctorate degrees in oriental medicine, but his training did not stop there. He was a pupil of several TCM masters, and he has studied in China every year for the last decade. He practices at his own clinic, which he established over ten years ago. In 2010, he took over classes for his teacher, Dr. Li-Chun Huang, after her retirement. He has been an instructor ever since.
The past eight years of teaching have been extremely fulfilling for Dr. Hsu. Although he struggled in the beginning with a language barrier and cultural differences, he overcame these challenges so he could impart invaluable knowledge to others. He dislikes rote memorization, choosing instead to integrate philosophy and case studies into his lectures. In this way, Dr. Hsu hopes to help students truly enjoy and comprehend the material. His favorite aspect of TCM is that it provides solutions for diseases that western medicine does not offer.
Dr. Hsu is always eager to speak with prospective students! If you would like to schedule an appointment, simply complete our Request Information form or call 800.883.5528. You might click out of this window. You might go about your day and forget that you read this. You may push off submitting the request information form until later; but, in five years, will you regret not taking action today?