Hot Stone Massage Class

Hot Stone Massage Hot Stone Massage Class
DATE | EAST WEST COLLEGE On February 16, 2017
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Are you going to our Hot Stone Massage class next Tuesday at 6:15pm? 
Nancy Tegan, Massage Therapy Lead Instructor, thought you might be interested in information about the stones.
Hot stone massage is a favorite treatment among many as it provides penetrating, relaxing heat that goes deep into the muscles. So what types of stones do we use to get this desired therapeutic effect? Not all stones are created equal, and it is the Basalt stone, known for its healing qualities, that heats quicker and holds heat longer than other stones that makes it a perfect choice. This volcanic stone is composed of silica and Iron and comes in a variety of colors such as dark blue/black, reds and greens.  You can order entire sets online or get a bit savvy and head to your local landscape company which imports basalt from Mexico, called Mexican Beach Pebble. Often they sell the stones by the pound, so you can pick out the individual stones that work for you. There is nothing more exciting than picking out your own set of stones. This allows you to experience how they feel in your hands before purchasing them. 
On the other end of the spectrum, cold stone massage is perfect for coolness and invigoration. Cold stones are usually made from marble because marble retains cold quite effectively due to its calcium content.  Marble stone sets include stones of many shapes and sizes.  Since marble needs to be cut and smoothed by hand, the shape and sizes available are endless. 
Both of these stone age modalities are highly sought after by clients because of their effectiveness. Your first step in providing these treatments is to purchase your first set of quality stones. With a bit of research and purchasing savvy, you will soon be offering these modalities to your own clients.
RSVP for our Hot Stone Massage class soon, as space is limited.