“Do not let your mind master you – you master it” – a cancer survivor’s holistic journey.

“Do not let your mind master you – you master it” – a cancer survivor’s holistic journey.
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- By Christina Aspinall

Cancer Survivor's Holistic Journey | EAST WEST COLLEGE

Cancer runs in Lesley Peters’ family. Her mother passed away from kidney cancer in 2014. So when she discovered a lump in her breast, she was almost expecting a cancer diagnosis. She got one. Stage II in one breast, Stage III in other. The doctors told her that she needed to start medication, surgery and chemotherapy right away. 

Lesley decided on a different treatment path than that prescribed by her doctor and embarked on her own holistic health journey. “After seeing videos on how chemo and radiation harm your cells and destroy your bones, without hesitation I said no to conventional treatments,” says Lesley. “I chose to focus on healing through a plant-based diet, detoxification and keeping a healthy mind.”

Upon her diagnosis, Lesley instantly became a raw vegan. She researched which vegetables and fruits she needed in order to destroy the cancer cells. She now drinks water with lemon all day and she hasn't had sugar in two years, as she believes cancer feeds off sugar. “It was important to stay on track with what I'm putting into my body,” says Lesley. She also began consuming CellQuest – a health product derived from musaceae plants.

During her healing process, Lesley realized that not only did she have to heal her body, but also her mind and spirit. “The hardest part was healing the emotional trauma and past experiences,” says Lesley. “They say stress, trauma and obesity cause the body to become ill. This is so true. I knew I had to face my struggle and fight hard and win. For me there is no other option but to win the fight.”

Throughout her treatment, Lesley became an active practitioner of Buddhism which has helped her stay strong and focused in her cancer battle. When she was told she had cancer, she was not afraid and her mindset was one of “winning”. She believes that her “will to live” has made her a survivor and also made her stronger.

As of 2015, Lesley’s scans show she is cancer-free. While she still has a tumor in one breast, it is not cancerous and she will continue to heal her body holistically.

Lesley believes we all have a purpose in life and hers is to encourage, teach and inspire others. She hopes to do this, in part, through her work as a massage therapist. She joined the East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM) massage therapy program in April of 2016. She is excited to learn additional practices that will guide her in helping other heal naturally, as she did.

See Lesley’s interview on the Christian Television Network HomeKeepers program with Arthelen Rippy.

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